HellermannTyton Adds Flex to Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts

HellermannTyton Adds Flex to Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts

HellermannTyton announces FlexTack, a new line of adhesive cable tie mounts designed to adhere to curved and moderately angled surfaces. Available immediately,Insulated Spade Terminal the product enables installers to route wires, cables and hoses along areas that were once considered off limits. The mounts incorporate a high-bond acrylic adhesive pad on one side and a four-way cable tie channel on the other. FlexTack is designed to work with 18- to 50-pound cable ties.

We have made it possible to mount bundles nondestructively in places where, traditionally, only a screw mount would do the job,said Associate Product Manager Jessica.Leverance. This will come as great news to OEMs in several electrical markets such as appliance and machine builders.FlexTack is designed for use on varnished, powder coated, bare metal or plastic surfaces. Manufactured of heat-stabilized PA66 nylon, it is available in both black and white to complement aesthetics.

When it was invented, Velcro Brand's hook-and-loop was intended to be the zipperless zipperin the fashion and textile industry. (Side note: Velcro is an actual brand, and the actual product that is commonly referred to is called hook and loop. Velcro's marketing and legal teams really want you to know that, so they made a video.) Today, the scratchy, hairy, hook and loop fasteners we have come to know and love have gone beyond the fashion industry, and now can be found in your IT guy's tool-kit.

Velcro straps continue to gain popularity, with some technicians swearing by them. Velcro wraps are preferred by many due to their reusability. In other words, you don not have to carefully cut them off using a cable-tie tool or whatever sharp object you have on you at the time. Just add or remove cables as needed and re-wrap, making it a great option for more temporary cabling jobs. Some Velcro straps are designed with cable management in mind, like these cinch straps. Even though Velcro cable ties are more costly than zip ties, many consider the extra cost worth it because they are able to reuse it. Here is what our very own cable guy had to say about Velcro:

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