Vape Hardware Review: The Vaporesso Drizzle Fit Starter Kit

Vape Hardware Review: The Vaporesso Drizzle Fit Starter Kit
vaporesso usually puts out top-notch vaping devices. It's a popular brand and when we hear their name, expectations are rather high. That's why the initial release of the first generation Drizzle kit was sort of a letdown for many vapers. Released in 2017, the original Drizzle kit received less than positive reviews. However, it looks like Vaporesso wanted to give the Drizzle another go by releasing an upgraded version, the Vaporesso Drizzle Fit Starter Kit. I had my qualms about this one, but for what it is, the Drizzle Fit is a good option for beginning vapers who've quit cigarettes.

The Drizzle Fit does have a lot going for it in terms of the size. If you're looking for compact and lightweight, this kit really delivers. The weight of the Drizzle Fit is ridiculously light at about 65 grams, which comes to under 2.5 ounces. Easy to carry? You bet!

The mod and tank combo is well crafted, even with the compact size. It's available in eight color combinations: Black, Red, Gold, Silver, Rainbow, Blue and Red, and two Black splatter options of Black and Green or Black and Red. The Drizzle Fit sub-ohm tank looks pretty standard, but the design suits the mod well.
Ease of use was clearly on the minds of the Vaporesso manufacturers here when they designed the Drizzle Fit kit. The device uses a 1400mAh internal battery, which you charge through the USB port. It charges up fairly quick with 1A quick charging (expect about 1.2 hours to charge it fully). There is a single firing button and no need for a display screen. Simply click the firing button five times to turn the mod on and you're good to go.

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