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Lastly, never ever forget about your pets. They are part of your family also. Include them in the emergency precaution and action plan designed for your family. Some households give less priority to their pets than their property during crisis. Love your pets like you love your children and be kind to them.Tap water contains on average just two bacteria per millilitre, whereas some mineral waters can contain up to 188,000 bacteria in the same quantity. According to celebrity detox guru Dr Nish Joshi, not only do microbes and bacteria enter mineral waters at source, but even the process of bottling them, particularly in plastic containers, provides a breeding ground for bacteria. So next time you reach for another bottle of water, think again. You may already have had enough. MAINSTAY Water Packets are purified and bacteria free specifically designed for emergency preparedness, first responders, and disaster victims. They are an efficient, safe, and effective solution to any contaminated water crisis.


Most PERS have transmitters that come in necklace or bracelet form that will send a signal to a receiver that is in turn linked to a telephone line in your home. Upon the push of a button, a person at a call center is able to assess what situation the holder of the necklace or bracelet is in and will now call an ambulance or someone close to the bearer of the pendant.A basic package of PERS includes the PERS equipment and call service. The equipment consists of a receiver console that plugs into an ordinary telephone jack and with a push of a button the transmitter is connected to a bracelet or a pendant. The help button found on the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver console that will enable the automatic dialing of the emergency response call center. These response centers may be a component of the company that provided you the PERS device while contracting their services separately from the company.

Upon receiving the call from the receiver console, the staff filters and decides on the specific action that needs to be taken. The options that they can choose from are to call 911 for an emergency or to call an immediate family member who will talk to the caller.Another option that the receiver can make is to follow specific protocol that you have provided them when you applied for the device. Once a call is received, the caller's name, medical history and other pertinent information pops out on the computer screen. Regardless of the situation, strict compliance of this protocol is observed.


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The truth of the matter is that Combat Shooter System nobody really knows what is going to happen on December 21, 2019 or any other time in the future for that matter. This isn't the first time the end of the world has been predicted and hopefully it won't be the last time. The real key to this is to understand the difference between a true doomsday and a man made doomsday.There will always be events that we cannot control, all we really can do is decide how we are going to react to those events. it is much more likely that WWIII will happen in December of 2019 than anything else, as mass hysteria spreads nations could go to war over resources and this could start a nuclear war. You need to be ready before this happens. You need to be proactive to what might happen if you are going to learn how to survive doomsday 2019.

There are few things to remember in times of emergency, and it is best if you are always prepared since you cannot tell when such emergency situation strikes you.Always have a standby emergency kit. Make it available at all times with enough supplies and at least three to seven days of stocks for every member of the households. The emergency kit should at least include all the necessary items required for human survival such as can goods, water, flashlights, can opener, disposable eating utensils, battery operated radio, emergency instructional manual and a standby fully charged mobile phone with numbers of those individuals to contact in times of trouble. Include the special items indicated for your family members such as prescription medicine, feminine hygiene, diapers for small children and others. Have a standby amount of money inside your emergency kit also and be sure that you will not be using it.


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