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The hammer is coming down!
So, since my last post (of a month back..sorry about this) I've hired two new hairdressers, Tiffany and Lynn. For recent graduates of the neighborhood cosmetology college, they're working out quite fine! I'm so pleased I hired them! They're reasonably drama-free, and eager to learn!

Now, for the shenanigans: Tina continued vacation for two weeks, starting the beginning of August. She just came back this week. Now, Tina includes a nasty habit of contacting out either before she goes on holiday (or a long weekend), when she's said to be coming back, or both. So, it was (partially) no real surprise that she called out the day she was planned to be back again to work, because of her flight being delayed. When I spoke to Coral about this, we came to the decision that Tina needed to be created up. Granted, the delay was beyond her control, but this isn't the very first time she's known as out when she's said to be back to work.

ONCE I sat straight down with her last night to speak about this, normally, her defenses were up, quite a bit. I had cool, hard facts to provide to her, and, to her credit, she didn't try to dispute them. And, this is not the very first time we've talked about this stuff. It is, however, the very first time she's been created up about any of it. I told her, toned out, this activity must end. Me writing her up isn't PERSONAL, it's PROFESSIONAL. And, as professionals, we won't need to consider this out to the salon flooring. It doesn't have to be discussed with co-workers. It simply needs to be solved. We'll observe how this goes.

Rita, Rita, Rita. Nothing ever adjustments with her. I composed her up about two weeks ago, on the technical concern. She's a lousy locks cutter, period. Inconsistent, uncertain of herself, and it shows in everything she will. She really smudged a the point that your client proceeded to go elsewhere to get it fixed. Now, human hair extensions is certainly a tiny drama queen, she's a good deal shopper, always looking for the "offer". And, she didn't feel safe sitting down in Rita's chair. Didn't end her, though...her mistake, really. HOWEVER, as I thought to Rita : Even though you feel the client is definitely wrong, the client is normally ALWAYS right. Therefore, Rita got written up. She's to mix check her haircuts (which I really haven't seen her perform), conduct a thorough consultation (not necessarily), and repeat back to the client what was said, then discuss what she's going to perform. Because Rita is normally a bit "limited", she lacks the vocabulary to effectively convey she understands what she's talking about. And she also tends to lack the abilities or the attention span, sometimes, to follow through. Sigh.

On Tuesday, I posted a note stating salon meeting on Sunday (today), after function, wanting to make it easier for everyone to come. Obviously, Rita includes a video game she must proceed watch, as her girl is definitely a cheerleader at this video game. I get being a mother or father. I get attempting to be supportive of your children. lace front wigs are MANDATORY. You get paid to wait them. And you don't get to get out of them. I got so irritated with her on Tuesday that I acquired all passive/intense on her and stated "Whatever, Rita" which she required as "I could go perform what I'd like and not go to the meeting". So, last night, as I was leaving, I informed girls "Find you tomorrow afternoon" to which Rita started to speak to me about it, looking to get out of going to the meeting. "But, but but". "Rita, I spoken to Coral about this, and salon meetings are mandatory. Unless you show up, I must compose you up." We'll find what happens later on today.

Is Rita the best?? No. Does she understand that?? Regrettably, yes. I'm friendly enough with her, but my distaste is certainly a bit hard to protect, at this point. Professionally, I've covered for her and set her mistakes far too many instances to keep to tolerate her behavior. And, the chat I had formed with Coral last week was quite revealing. We both came to the same conclusion: Rita will not be working for us a whole lot longer, one of many ways or the other.

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Stark Crabtree The hammer is coming down!
So, since my last post (of a month back..sorry about this) I've hired two new hairdressers, Tiffany and Lynn. For recent graduates of the neighborhood cosmetology colleg


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