Hot to Trot The Art of the Quickie

You will find factors to consider when contemplating the quickie. Within a previous article I wrote, we talked about quickie erotica: passionate stories of sex between strangers (or pretend-strangers) that spanned from carefully planned public scenes to uncanny moments of voyeurism. Though I found the concept of erotica under 2,000 words extremely attractive, one thing that kept coming up for me personally was that the editors failed to actually define the quickie. So, dear readers, what is the house?
We know that time is a factor, and possible constraint. Understanding your limitations (including temporality) is often a factor in good sex; negotiating hot, fast, and mutually pleasurable sexy times that take under consideration the impediment of time can be a fun addition to every couples repertoire. What can you decide to do in twenty minutes?
The copy room at lunch time may not be the best time in order to out your super sweet Double Pretzel Twist, yet it's a good time for utilizing uber-powerful vibrating sex toys, like the fail-safe Hitachi Magic Wand, super slick lube like Sliquids Sassy, and plush Velcro handcuffs. The rapidity within the situation makes for perfect hostage-takeover roleplaying, and the threat of discovery can merely fuel the captive campfire.
Thinking of getting down in an elevator at a high building (like, say, the magnificent elevator inside of the Westin Saint Francis in San Franciscos Union Square)? Dress accordingly. Your quick sex may be mind-blowingly inventive and suspend disbelief, but physics are still a factor. For greater feminine-presenting of the crowd, I suggest sturdy and accessible hosierythigh-highs with a thick welt and no panties. StockinGirl makes fabulous, vintage-inspired legwear for (seemingly) that exact purpose. For masculine-identified people, loose pants with long inseams (crotch-zippers) make for quick access and an easy approach to hide small toys.
One aspect of quickies that can prove additionally challenging is societal, and difficult to unlearn. In a phallocentric society, it challenging to imagine pleasure outside of the realm of penetration, or sex outside of the conceptual dick. In college my sex education teacher (a domineering psychologist along with a sexy swagger and an arrest record) delivered some appalling news: women (or female-assigned-at-birth individuals) had staggeringly, earth-shatteringly, unbelievably high percentages of never achieving male orgasms.
And though many, many, many people like penetrative sex, Felice Newman/Cliteracy/Helen OConnell has taught us that the clitoris is a vast iceberg ever-awaiting multiple explosions. Though equipped with these magnificent organs, it challenging because of body shame, social conditioning, and stigma for many women to achieve orgasm in a fast-paced quickie setting. This is where comfort and negotiation is extremely handy; encourage the clit-bearing partners in your life to demonstrate for the finest ways they get themselves off. How can Winter Fleet Driving Safety and GPS Tracking serve each of you in the short window of time you need enjoy one another?
Not a voyeur? Shy about exhibitionism?
If shyness is your jam and it works well with you, you can still enjoy the occasional romp between meetings. Pick an area that is comfortable for you and your lover, the place that you know is actually going to quiet and uninterrupted. Lock the door to your office: you can still pretend someone is for you to walk in any fine. Comfortable sex is all about confidence, and should you prefer a one-inch deadbolt to design it for you, more power a person.
Shy and want always be more forthcoming about your urges? Receding Glaciers Causing Seals to Wander writes an amazing book that helped get me from in front of my full-length mirror to before a crowd in pasties called Exhibitionism for the Shy exhibitionism is showcased in this book as a consensual erotic pleasure and a means to overcome shyness and body image issues. Featuring suggested exercises and discussions of erotic dress, talk, personas and roleplay, involving your partner, exhibitionism, female escorts and the sex industry, and more.
The quickie is different for everyone, but benefit is for certain: it always breaks up the mundanity of a work day, brings a just-got-fucked glow to a dull complexion, and allows us as sexual creatures to move outside our notions of foreplay to pure carnality: eat the cake before dinner. Keep Nuisance Wild Hogs Being Studied Thanks to GPS Tracking unlocked. Meet in the library and bring all the books down with you have.

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Rye Conradsen You will find factors to consider when contemplating the quickie. Within a previous article I wrote, we talked about quickie erotica: passionate stories of sex between strangers (or pretend-strangers)


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